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Village of Martin's Additions

7013-B Brookville Rd.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
301-656-4112 (Phone)
301-656-0030 (Fax)

Building Permits & Regulations

 The Village of Martin's Additions is an incorporated municipality within the boundaries of Montgomery County, Maryland.  The Village has it's own set of building regulations.  Therefore, if a property owner wishes to build or modify a structure on their property, it may be necessary to obtain a permit from both the Village and the county.  The Village building regulations are in some cases more restrictive than that of the county, so it is always best to discuss planned construction with the Village Office staff  before seeking a permit from Montgomery County.  

This website includes links to the Village Code, which specifies the building regulations, as well as a link to an illustrated guide to the Village building regulations.  We strongly encourage all residents to direct their architects and builders to these regulations before designing your construction project.  Becoming familiar with the Village building regulations, and with the Village permit process, will ensure that projects proceed as smoothly as possible.  Please call the Village Office (301-656-4112) if you have any questions.