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Village of Martin's Additions

7013-B Brookville Rd.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
301-656-4112 (Phone)
301-656-0030 (Fax)

Map and Boundaries

Description of Martin's Additions Boundaries:

The Southern Boundary is Quincy Street (numbers 103-163) from Brookville Road heading east and includes a piece of Oxford Street (numbers 202-209).

The Northern Boundary is Thornapple Street (3401- 3503) between Brookville Road and Summit Avenue plus one house going east on Thornapple (number 3219). The Northern boundary also includes the dead end of Delfield Street (numbers 7301-7320).

The Eastern Boundary is Summit Avenue (7201-7405) from Thornapple (including 3219) extending south to the rear of homes on Quincy Street.

The Western Boundary is Brookville Road bewteen Quincy Street and Thornapple Street.

Street Addresses within Martin's Additions are as follows:

Bradley Lane--3408-3525                                         Brookville Road--6515-7027

Chestnut Street--7200-7223                                     Cummings Lane--3405-3521

Delfield Street --7200-7320                                      Melville Place--6700-6709

Oxford Street--202-209                                            Quincy Street--101-163

Raymond Street-- 3529-3406                                   Shepherd Street--3404-3519

Summit Avenue--7200-7405                                     Taylor Street--3404-3518

Thornapple Street--3219-3503                                 Turner Lane--3402-3519