History of the Village

A Brief History of the Village of Martin’s Additions

brookvilleroadIn 1896 Harry M. Martin began buying land parcels of 35 to 50 acres from the Chevy Chase Land Company, Wilson Offutt, Henry N. Griffith, and others. He called his acquisitions “Martin’s Additions to Chevy Chase.” Harry Martin’s purchases went as far as the current site of La Ferme Restaurant and the “No Gain” property (at the corner of Thornapple Street and Brookville Road), both on the western edge of Martin’s Additions.

On April 11, 1916, Maryland enacted Senate Bill 207 establishing a Special Taxing District known as Martin’s First, Second, Third and Fourth Additions to the Village of Chevy Chase. The bill authorized election of a Citizens’ Committee that had substantial powers, including the regulation of farm animal behavior. Thus, the Village celebrated 100 years of self-governance in 2016. A video of that centennial celebration can be found here

Concerns over development and other pressures caused residents to seek incorporation during the early 1980’s. A three-member Steering Committee was appointed to draft a Charter and to help the Council fulfill the requirements to become a municipality.

In a Village-wide referendum for Martin’s Additions residents, 92 percent voted in favor of incorporation. Following approval by the Montgomery County Council (Resolution No. 10-11164, effective February 14, 1985) the state recorded the municipal incorporation of the Village of Martin’s Additions, on March 19, 1985. The Village’s first ordinances came into effect on July 9, 1989.

cummingslaneThe Village has approximately 325 homes and is governed by an elected, five member Council and an appointed Manager. Public Council meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month in the Village Office (7013 Brookville Road, Suite B, Chevy Chase, MD 20815). Agendas for the meetings are posted on the Village Bulletin Board at the Brookville Road Village Center, and on this website.

Council elections and the Village Annual Meeting are held each spring. In addition to this website, the monthly community newsletter, Martin’s Edition, keeps residents informed of services, community issues and neighborhood interests

Learn more about the Village of Martin's Additions by watching the centennial celebration which took place in 2016. You can find the recording here

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