Date:  Thursday February 21, 2019 (02/21/19)

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Village of Martin's Additions 

7013 Brookville Road (Suite B, 2nd floor) 

Chevy Chase, MD 20815-3263 


Agenda for  

Council Meeting 

February 21, 2019 


 The Village Council may entertain a motion during the open meeting to close a portion of the meeting, in accordance with Section 3-305(b) of the Open Meetings Act (Maryland Code, General Provisions Article) 



7:30 PM          Call to Order: Krajeck 


7:31 PM          Committee Updates


7:40 PM          Opportunity for Council to hear residents' comments: Krajeck


8:15 PM          Public Hearing & Vote on Adoption on Resolution 1-19-1: Ordinance to Regulate Small Wireless Telecommunications Facilities in the Rights-of-Way: Krajeck


8:55 PM           Discussion of Quincy/Oxford Intersection: Krajeck


9:10 PM           Action on Meeting Minutes of January 17: Krajeck      


9:15 PM           Building Administrator's Report: Lohmeyer   


9:25 PM           Financial Matters: Alexander  


9:30 PM           Manager's Report: Trollinger


9:45 PM           Opportunity for Council to hear residents' comments: Krajeck 


10:00 PM         Adjournment: Krajeck

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