Public Safety Task Force

This temporary task force is charged with identifying needs and means to improve public safety and health and foster resident awareness while using best practices related to public safety. You may contact them at

Task Force Goals

  1. Work with the Village's contracted police officers to identify information sources and recommended procedures. Establish discussions with public health agencies, local law enforcement, local communities, and experts to identify information to be shared with the Village Council and residents pertaining to local small community public safety and health concerns, best practices and recommendations, and available resources.
  2. Conduct a community needs assessment survey consistent with Village practices, including surveying residents to identify public safety and health concerns and priorities.
  3. Within six months, report to the Village Council and residents regarding the information and data obtained, together with analysis and suggested recommendations.

Supporting Documents

Public Safety Task Force Scope of Work

Public Safety Survey Results 

Public Safety Task Force Preliminary Report

Task Force Members:
  • Naomi Naierman (Quincy St)
  • Amanda Sahl, Vice-Chair (Brookville Rd)
  • Mark L. Shaffer, Chair (Shepherd St)
  • Lynn Welle (Oxford St)
  • Rachel Yavinsky (Raymond St)
Council Liaisons:
  • Arthur Alexander (Raymond St)
  • Jeffery Blander (Turner Ln)
2021 Public Safety Task Force Meetings

07/20/22   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  
09/14/21   Agenda      
06/15/21   Agenda      
04/26/21   Agenda     Minutes  

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