Walkability Study Task Force (Temporary)

The purpose of the temporary Walkability Study Task Force is to engage the whole community in a discussion of how friendly the Village is to walking, pedestrian safety, and to make recommendations for improvement to the Council on the basis of reason and evidence.

Task Force Members:
Katherine Hample, Cummings Lane
Peter Kahn, Chair, Bradley Lane
Lorie Mitchell, Cummings Lane
John Sharrow, Chestnut Street
Larry Wasson, Secretary, Delfield Street

Council Liaisons:
Arthur Alexander, Raymond Street
Katya Hill, Raymond Street

Presentation to the Task Force 

April 20th Presentation by Chris Jakubiak

September 8th Presentation by Chris Jakubiak

Walkability Survey Results 

FY2021 Walkablity Task Force Agendas and Minutes

12/09/20   Agenda     Minutes  
11/18/20   Agenda     Minutes  
09/08/20   Agenda     Minutes  
08/24/20   Agenda      

FY2020 Walkablity Task Force Agendas and Minutes

06/04/20   Agenda     Minutes  
04/20/20   Agenda     Minutes  
02/25/20       Minutes  

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