Village Council Elections

Every year, the Village of Martins Additions' Election and "Celebration on the Sidewalk" is held on the second Thursday of May from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Brookville Marketplace area on Brookville Road.

Official 2019 VMA Election Packet

Election Polls are open from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. (absentee ballots will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. the day of the election) for residents to vote for open Council Seats. Voting will be followed by the Village's Annual Meeting, where the Council will vote on the the next year's tax rates and budget, which are typically introduced at the March Council meeting.

The Village of Martin’s Additions is governed by a municipal Charter that provides for a five-member elected Council to appoint an Election Committee (Committee) that operates according to rules and procedures adopted by the Council, pursuant to Section 602 of the Village Charter.  The Committee maintains the voter rolls, accepts and makes nominations of candidates for the Village Council, and oversees the annual election. Any qualified voter may nominate another qualified voter or may declare his or her own candidacy.

The Election of Council members takes place on the second Thursday in May in accordance with Section 602 of the Charter. Council members are elected to terms of two years. In general, the number of seats open on the Council alternates between two and three seats every other year unless there is a vacancy as provided for in Section 408 of the Charter. All elections are managed by the Committee. The Committee consists of a minimum of three, but preferably no less than five, qualified voter volunteers appointed by the Council. Each year the details of the election cycle for that year are published in the Village newsletter. The Village Council has passed the following Election Rules and Procedures:

Election Rules and Procedures Policy No. 2-16-2A
Action/Adopted: February 15, 2018
Effective Date: February 15, 2018 (May 9, 2018)
Amended: January 17, 2019

Leading up to the Election, the Election Committee Hosts a candidate forum for candidates to answer questions submitted by residents.

On Sunday April 28, 2019, the Village hosted its annual candidate forum, where the three candidates for Village Council (Katya Hill, Peter Kahn, and Richard Krajeck) each gave statements about their candidacy and responded to questions submitted by residents.

The candidate forum was audio recorded, and can be listened to by clicking the link below:
VMA Candidate Forum Audio

As of 4/18/2019, absentee ballots are available to all qualified voters. 

Come to the Village Office to fill out an absentee ballot request form (the Village Office is upstairs at 7013 Brookville Road).  Or print out the absentee request form (CLICK HERE FOR FORM), then scan and email it to  Please print clearly!  You can also send the Election Committee an email request that contains the same information – the eligible voter’s full name and address in Martin’s Additions, email address, etc.  You may also send your absentee request form by U.S. mail to the VMA Election Committee, P.O. Box 151030, Chevy Chase, MD 20825.

If you want to have absentee ballots sent by email to household members, you will need to provide a separate individual email address for each voter.  After verifying that the recipient is a qualified voter, the Election Committee will email an assigned absentee ballot security number and one ballot to each eligible voter.  

Residents can request and receive absentee ballots by email, but you will need to print out your absentee ballot in order to vote.  The absentee voting instructions are included with the ballot.

For fairness, the three candidates’ names are rotated on the ballots (each candidate is listed first on one-third of the ballots).  You’ll receive ballot version A, B, or C.

If you have any questions or need absentee voting assistance, please call or email the VMA Election Committee (301-654-0176 or


All Candidates for Village Council (and Village staff) are required to complete a conflict-of-interest form. The current form was approved at the February 18, 2018 VMA Council Meeting:

VMA Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

In addition, candidates are asked to fill out the following Candidate Statement Form. Completed forms are due by 5:00 p.m. on March 25:

2019 VMA Candidate Statement Form

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