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The Village of Martin’s Additions is an incorporated municipality within the boundaries of Montgomery County, Maryland, and it has it’s own set of building regulations.  To build or modify a structure on property in the Village, a permit is typically required from both the Village and the County.  Village building regulations are sometimes more restrictive than the County, so you are strongly advised to contact the Village Office before seeking a permit from Montgomery County.

Most exterior construction requires a municipal building permit from the Village.   The Village Code (Sec. 6-301 (b)) provides that permit requirements “The provisions of this article shall apply to the demolition of, addition to, or erection, construction, re-construction, repair and improvement of the exterior of all buildings and accessory buildings, and to any activity which will, or may, result in the excavation to, or alteration or temporary closure or blockage of streets, curbs, or sidewalks, or the installation of structures thereon, within boundaries of the Village.”  All construction that changes the footprint of a house or accessory structure requires a permit from both the Village and the County.  Montgomery County regulates interior work which the Village does not regulate, but dumpsters require a Village permit.

No building permit is required for ordinary repairs or maintenance defined as those repairs incidental to a continuation of existing uses and necessary to maintain a structure in good working order.

This website includes links to the Village’s Code of Ordinances, which includes the building regulations, as well as a link to an Illustrated Guide to Village Building Regulations.  Residents and their architects and builders should review these regulations before designing any project.  Familiarity with the Village building regulations will ensure that projects proceed as smoothly as possible.  Please call the Village Office (301-656-4112) if you have questions.

Permit applications can be downloaded here:

Building Permit Application–General

Village Building Permit Application–New Home Construction

  • Detailed information on building permit regulations can be found in the Village of Martin’s Additions Code of Ordinances, Chapters 6 and 7, found here:  Code of Ordinances – January 2017

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