Council Chair
Andrew Kauders – (202) 904-3584

Council Vice-Chair
Katie Howard - (301) 656-5566

Council Treasurer
Arthur Alexander – (301) 718-9787

Council Secretary
Susan Fattig

Council Member-at-large
Jeffrey Blander

Please note

The and any other VMA Gmail accounts are no longer active. Please see below...

The Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board has recently stated that an e-mail discussion can be considered a “meeting” under certain circumstances if the discussion concerns the Village business. The Open Meetings Act requires “meetings” to be open to the public. Accordingly, e-mail discussions among a quorum (three) or more of the Council may violate the Act, if deemed a “meeting.” 

Due to this ruling and the advice of legal counsel, the Village Council has discontinued the use of the single google-group e-mail address that was previously used to correspond with all Council members at one time. Residents are still encouraged, however, to e-mail the Council members. We just want residents to be aware that a quorum of the Council may not engage in certain substantive discussions over email. (Please note that e-mails are considered public records, and generally open to public inspection under the Public Information Act).

Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board

The list of the e-mail addresses for each VMA Council member is listed above. 

VILLAGE OFFICE – 301-656-4112

Village Manager
Michael Silliman –

Assistant Village Manager
Erin Byrnes –

Building Administration
Douglas Lohmeyer, Consultant

Code Enforcement and Municipal Operations
Wayne C. Fowler, Consultant

Mulheron Tree Experts 

Traffic Safety Engineer
Joe Cutro, Consultant

 * (Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, Sec. 4-503 (a) the Village of Martin’s Additions has designated its Village Manager as its Public Information Act custodian)

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