Trash & Recycling Collections

Trash & Recycling Collections

The Village arranges with an independent waste contractor  for household trash, yard debris, and recycling collections. Please have your items out by 7:00 AM.

Please note: Collection days and locations differ for household trash, yard debris, recycling, and bulk trash.

  • Household trash is collected from residents’ cans at the side or rear of each house twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash collection holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. On these occasions, household trash collection (and recycling and yard waste) will occur one day later than the non-holiday schedule, unless informed otherwise.  Please have your items out by 7:00 AM.
  • Yard Waste (organic yard debris, grass clippings, and leaves) is picked up at the curb on Mondays all year.   Please note: Place yard debris in tall brown paper yard debris bags.  Please do NOT place yard debris in plastic garbage bags as plastic bags cannot be recycled with the yard debris.  The Village provides paper leaf bags each fall. If you need additional leaf bags, please contact the Village Office ( or 301-656-4112) and we will provide additional bags if/while supplies last. Christmas trees are collected along with yard debris. Please have your items out by 7:00 AM.
  • Recyclable materials are collected once per week at the curb on Tuesdays.   Mixed paper & bundled cardboard can be co-mingled with glass bottles/cans/plastic containers in the recycling bin.  All recyclables should be clean.  Please have your items out by 7:00 AM. A single recycling bin is provided to each household by the Village. What materials can I recycle?
  • Bulk Trash is collected on the second Saturday of every other month.  Bulk items include furniture, toys, and other common household junk.  Items NOT accepted include dirt, rocks, sand, large tree stumps, liquid paint, hazardous materials like gas, paint thinners and asbestos.  Appliances (such as refrigerators) must have the Freon removed and a “tag” from a certified plumber that this has been accomplished. Residents must call the Village Office ( or 301-656-4112) at least 48 hours in advance of a pick-up of appliances or scrap metal because these items require a special truck.  

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